Jacqueline and Victor
Orleans Gallery and Bingham Riverhouse, London

June 2019
Photographer: Jacob and Pauline

Jacqueline and Victor were the sweetest couple imaginable! Both extremely busy doctors, they contacted me in February having set a date, but with nothing else planned...

I got to work straight away, quickly shortlisting a small number of beautiful venues that we visited on one of their rare days off. They fell in love with the intimacy and beauty of Orleans Gallery and the newly refurbished Bingham Riverhouse was the perfect setting for their relaxed reception. When I suggested they take a boat between the two, I think they thought I was mad! Fortunately, they trusted me completely and were delighted with all of the suppliers I introduced them to. It was a joy to work with them and I miss them very much.

“Thank you Emma…Hiring you was one of the most important and best decisions we made!”