5 tips to weatherproof your wedding

After months of freezing temperatures and non-stop rain, we certainly deserve a warm and sunny summer, but how can you weatherproof a wedding in case it continues?

Who better to ask than Rosie Borland, owner of Brolly Bucket, the UK’s leading umbrella hire company. Rosie and I have come up with some top tips to make sure rain doesn't spoil your big day...

Rosie Borland 5 tips to weatherproof your wedding

Hope for the best, plan for the worst

We’re all for outdoor ceremonies, but having a contingency plan is essential. When you visit a venue, ask to see the indoor ceremony room, check its size and make sure you’d be happy if you had to use it. 

Ask your florist to have a look at the room too. Most flower arrangements should be moveable, even at the last minute. But if you have your heart set on a ceremony arch, keep in mind that they’re usually built in situ.

Good marquee companies will be experienced at dealing with bad weather and their marquees should be built to withstand the elements. Depending on where your marquee is located and what the ground is underfoot, they may lay additional flooring or walkways to stop your guests getting muddy. Talk to them if you’re worried.

Without wanting to be pessimistic, try visualising how rain would affect your day and think about how you could tweak your plans if you needed to. For example, if garden games aren’t an option, could kids watch TV or do indoor activities instead? 

Above all, make sure you aren’t the only people who know the plan B. If you have hired a wedding planner or on-the-day coordinator then they will have this covered, but if you haven’t, then your Best Man and ushers should be well prepared!

Grab a brolly and go explore!

Supplied a few days in advance of your wedding, Brolly Bucket umbrellas come in handy for your rehearsal, big day and any family celebrations you have planned. Our friendly, personal service means we take great care in helping you with your order and arranging collection afterwards. We work from a lovely rural workshop just north of Glasgow, but we supply and support lovely weddings all over the UK.

Most of our customers book their umbrellas long before they see a weather forecast for their wedding. We can help you work out how many to order and which colour and style would work best for your wedding.

Greeting your guests with an umbrella is a fantastic job for your ushers or male family members. Your guests will feel like VIPs being escorted from the car and it will keep their new and very special outfits dry too!

Talk to your photographer

Don’t worry, rain won’t spoil your wedding photographs. Some of the best photographs we’ve seen were taken in less than perfect conditions! Photographers love dramatic skies and you can be sure that stylish umbrellas will make your photographs unique. 

That said, it’s worth chatting with your photographer about where you’ll have your photographs taken if the weather turns. Trekking across a field might not be so appealing if it’s pouring down…

Footwear and blankets

If you know you’ll need to walk outside, or you’re determined to have some photographs taken outdoors whatever the weather, have a spare pair of shoes (or wellies!) to change into. A wrap, shawl or lightweight blanket would be perfect to throw over your shoulders and keep you snug as you wait for photographs or explore your venue's grounds.

Baskets full of cosy blankets will also make for warm and happy guests. Are you having fireworks or outdoor drinks? A few fleeces draped over the back of some chairs are a lovely touch and will make your friends and family feel loved. 

Research wedding insurance

It may sound extreme, but then ‘Storm Emma’ was extreme! It is extremely unlikely but were you, or your most important guests, unable to get to your venue because of bad weather (and subsequent flight cancellations or road closures for example) then you may be able to claim on your wedding insurance. Worth investigating if you’re getting married in the winter!


Head over to Brolly's Bucket's website to see their full range of stylish umbrellas and other items available to hire.

If you need help putting the finishing touches to your wedding plans and styling, I offer a Helping Hand and Final Weeks coordination service.