6 weeks to go - top tips to avoid getting stressed-out before your wedding

In 6 weeks’ time, Harry and Meghan will tie the knot at Windsor Castle. But they aren’t the only lovebirds eagerly anticipating their wedding... If you're also getting married soon, here are some top tips on how to avoid getting stressed-out as the big day approaches.

Emma Joy The Wedding Planner 6 weeks to go

1) It’s natural to feel anxious, but it’s important that you don’t get overwhelmed (even when you’re working on your final seating plan!). Make time for yourselves away from the wedmin and try to get plenty of exercise and restful sleep. Brides – it’s never a good idea to change your beauty regime just before your wedding. Instead, follow your beautician’s advice and if you do nothing else, remember to drink lots of water!

2) Schedule final fittings with plenty of time to spare. Don’t leave it until the last minute to buy ties for your Ushers or accessories for your Bridesmaids. You can guarantee that the shops will sell out of popular colours and sizes during wedding season.

3) Make sure that all of your legal paperwork is in order and confirm your requirements with your suppliers. Double-check that they know where they need to go on the day and when. If you have a wedding planner then they will be your point of contact, but if not, make sure they have your Best Man’s phone number and can get hold of someone at your venue.

4) If you haven’t already done so, you may wish to buy gifts for your loved ones. Your florist will be able to help you with bouquets, but consider choosing something to treasure as well. 

5) Finishing touches like a ‘welcome to our wedding’ sign and photos of the two of you are what make your wedding day unique. Think practically too. Your guests might not remember to book a taxi, so why not print out some local taxi numbers ready for the end of the evening?

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