Where to go on honeymoon in 2019...

I recently had the pleasure of listening to the Daily Telegraph’s Travel Editor, Trisha Andres, share her top travel recommendations for 2019. Among them were some unusual honeymoon destinations that left me wanting to pack my bags and head straight to the airport!


Lying in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of Africa, Madagascar is about to take off as a tourist destination.

Lemurs, baobabs, rainforest, desert, hiking and diving: it’s is a perfect destination for adventurous honeymooners. And its capital, Antananarivo, has plenty of history and culture, as well as a vibrant food scene.

When you’re ready to lie on the beach and chill, head for Salary Bay. This idyllic resort sits high on a sandy peninsula, overlooking a turquoise lagoon and its own private beach. It sounds like heaven!

Unusual honeymoon destinations - Madagascar


As the host of the Rugby World Cup this year, and the Olympics next year, Japan may well be on your list already?

For mild temperatures and low rainfall, the best time to visit is in late spring (March-May) and late autumn (September-November). This makes it a great option if you’re getting married towards the end of our summer and you want to jet off straight away.

Like Madagascar, Japan is definitely not a conventional honeymoon destination. It’s a long way away, English is not widely spoken, and although there are beautiful beaches, they’re not what the country’s is known for. However, if you fancy a bit of luxury, Tokyo’s hotels and restaurants will not disappoint. A fascinating cultural experience lies in store if you visit Kyoto, and for those wanting to see and experience spectacular scenery, you can fly down to Okinawa and island hop around Japan's subtropic archipelago.

Unusual honeymoon destinations - Japan


A friend of mine described Namibia as the best holiday she and her husband have ever had and Trisha was similarly enthusiastic about this remote country in southern Africa. It’s another great option if you’re feeling adventurous and want to get off the beaten track.

With rust coloured sand dunes and wild coastline, lush, river plains and dramatic mountains, Namibia boasts some truly incredible scenery. And there are lots of ways to enjoy these varied landscapes - from dune boarding to trekking, or even taking to the skies in a balloon. There are also opportunities to visit tribal settlements, learn about the culture and support the local economy.

But what Namibia is undoubtedly famous for is its wildlife. Out on safari you’re almost guaranteed to see lions, cheetahs and leopards, as well as desert-adapted elephants and rhinos. And after an exhilarating day in the wilderness, what could be more romantic than staying in a luxurious eco lodge and dining beneath the stars!

Unusual honeymoon destinations - Namibia