Kathryn and Sam
Merriscourt, Cotswolds

June 2018
Photographer: Rob Tarren

Summer 2018 will always be remembered for its blues skies and endless sunny days. Happily, Kathryn and Sam’s special day was no exception. The brief was a very simple - a relaxed country wedding - and I was thrilled to see everyone enjoying themselves so much.

“Thank you for making our wedding day so wonderful. We truly had the weekend of our lives and your help in the build-up and on the day was a big part of it. You took all the stress and worry away, so we could focus on looking forward to the special day.

A number of my friends commented on how lovely you were and how seamlessly and unobtrusively you fitted into the day. I couldn’t agree more; you were an absolute star and I’m so glad that I picked up the phone to you!”