Planning your wedding shouldn't be stressful. My role as a wedding planner is to guide you through the process – whether you’re looking for support on defining your style and streamlining the decisions, or simply need assistance to keep on top of the never-ending admin.

From the colour scheme to the cake, the location to the lighting, you have countless choices to make about your wedding. This makes planning the occasion very exciting, but it’s easy to get confused by the options available and lose sight of what’s right for you. With my help, you’ll be able to navigate decisions in a way that saves you time and money, while delivering an event that flows flawlessly, looks refined and above all, feels original to you.

If you choose to commission me as your wedding planner, I’ll be on hand from that moment on to discreetly take care of every detail. By limiting the number of events I work on every year, I have the time available to fully immerse myself in every project and promise to deliver an imaginative and unforgettable occasion.

I offer three wedding planning services, depending on your needs and budget:

With full planning, I advise you throughout the planning process, ensuring everything is carefully organised and your suppliers give you their very best.

If you have already planned some aspects of your wedding, but you would like some extra support and advice from here on, I offer a partial planning service.

Alternatively, if the date is fast approaching, I can step in during the final weeks to ensure everything is in place and be on hand to coordinate the day itself.

I love working with Emma because despite the pressures and expectations we face in the industry, she approaches everything with a smile.
— Julie Michaelsen Photography